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The Right Path to Skin Care

Hey Dr. Ro here…as a practicing medical doctor, I have an affinity for good health. Health as in staying physically fit, emotionally balanced and maintaining natural glowing beauty. Doesn’t matter whether you like the natural beauty look or the hot steamy sexy look….. We all have one thing in common: most of us want a more youthful look. Whether surgical, injected, or laser…. The youthful looks come from caring for your skin!!!! Preserve what you have, and optimize as well as preserve your procedures!!!!!! In the end, you will spend less money on procedures as well as have less down time from recurrent procedures. Nurture and nourish your skin….

So what helps to nourish skin? I don’t think anyone out there will argue that skin needs hydration.

What kind of hydration?

You guessed it….. Water!!!

Not soda, juice not coffee (WTH)! Water straight water….. Ok wise guys carbonated water without sugar or non nutritive sweeteners is ok too!

The closer you can get to natural water the better!!!!

So ingesting water is important…..

Skin is the biggest organ that protects all that is inside our bodies. Doesn’t it deserve the most optimal nutrition?. Fruits and vegetables with lots of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants….

Does this sound familiar? Think about this fortifying your body with the best nutritional elements for growth.

So good nutrition is important!!!! What about hygiene? Yes! Hygiene and good skin routine…..wha wha whhhhaaaaa- Lets go over a good morning skin care routine.

1-WASH YOUR FACE: cleansing wakes up the skin, cleans off the makeup & environment dirt.

2-Toner: After a good cleanse,a toner is a great way to refresh and balance the skin and tighten pores.

3- Prevention: Topical Antioxidant for the skin to limit oxidative environmental damage, and restore natural glow. This would be like applying vitamins right to the skin.

4- Moisturizer: Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!! I can’t stress this enough… In addition to drinking water. Moisturizing helps skin elasticity. Basically, skin bounces back and the wrinkles become less apparent.

5- Lastly……. PROTECTION!!!!!! Skincare protection I mean. Use sunscreen EVERYDAY!!! …. EVERYDAY? You ask… YES! Sunscreen not only prevents skin cancer and wrinkles, but also sun & environmental damage. Celebs like Korthney Kardashian loves EltaMD sunscreen and we agree! We put a lot of effort into assessing the products we recommend. We also try everything before recommending. Well, Hope these helpful hints work for you as much as they work for us at Sono Gioventù… Ciao for now & XOXO. TTYL

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