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Got Wrinkles? Try some TOX!!

Botox is a type of neurotoxin. Botox has become “the term” for any type of wrinkle reducing treatment. Botox has been used for decades to treat fine lines and wrinkles. It has become the common name for botulinum toxin type A (BoNTA) injections and seems that's all people know it’s name. Botox was the first commercially available Botulinum toxin type A in the United States, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the temporary improvement of moderate to severe lines and wrinkles.

Botox is Botox BUT there are other neurotoxins out there that have the same effectiveness as BOTOX. We want to make sure it’s important that you know what kind of product you’re receiving when you go for your neurotoxin treatment.

How do Neurotoxins Work?

The substance used in botulinum toxin Injections comes from the bacterium clostridium botulinum and uses the active ingredient botulinum toxin type A. It works by blocking nerve signals from the nerves to the muscles in the areas it is injected. It is usually injected into the facial area for cosmetic reasons, such as the forehead, side of the eyes (crows feet), lips for lip flip, the masseter muscles for jaw slimming, or into the neck area to smooth horizontal and vertical lines and wrinkles.

It is used to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that are caused by aging and repeated facial expressions such as frowning, squinting or smiling. Preventing the muscles from moving, prevents lines and wrinkles from forming on your face. This treatment is a non-surgical option for those wishing to refresh their appearance.

Botox can also be used for medical uses such as treating migraines or excessive underarm sweating.

When it comes to neurotoxins, the most popular options are:


Botox is safe, effective and FDA approved for use as a temporary aesthetic treatment to improve the appearance of frown lines (glabellar lines). It has also been approved to treat forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet. It takes approximately 7-14 days to start noticing results after treatment and lasts around three to four months in most patients.

The amount of time Botox lasts is dependent on the way your body metabolizes the product


Dysport is also safe, effective and approved by the FDA to treat frown lines. Dysport is made up slightly different to Botox, and It spreads further which makes it a better treatment for larger areas such as your forehead. Dysport acts slightly quicker than Botox and results last for up to four months, similar to Botox. Dysport contains lactose and cow’s milk protein, sometimes making it unsuitable for patients with dairy allergies. Sometimes cost per unit is lower than Botox, but because you need more units the cost is about the same.


Xeomin is also safe, effective and approved by the FDA for the treatment of frown lines. Xeomin does not contain any additives which means it does not require refrigeration as the others do. Due to its purified state of BoNT-A, patients who develop resistance to Botox and Dysport may find success with this treatment. Xeomin can take 5-7 days to see the results and can last approximately 3-4 months.


Jeuveau, also known as Newtox, is the newest neurotoxin injectable and was approved by the FDA exclusively for cosmetics. This means it can not be used for medical reasons such as migraines. Jeuveau is approved to improve the look of moderate to severe frown lines between the eyebrows (glabellar lines). Jeaveau usually takes approximately 7-10 days to kick in. Jeaveau has a more softer look and does not make you frozen as the other toxins do.

Now that you have the knowledge of the 4 top toxins on the market in the aesthetic world, which one would you pick for your lines and wrinkles?

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