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Sono Med Spa

Sono Gioventu
Dr. Rosa Cataldo

Sono Gioventù was founded by Dr. Rosa Cataldo on the belief that all men & women should feel as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.   Dr. Cataldo has treated patients with scarring, hair loss, skin elasticity and other challenges due to excessive weight loss and more.  In efforts to bring these life changing medical aesthetic treatments to patients we offer services that can treat our clients with innovative technology.  We take pride in our non invasive procedures that are safe and effective.  Dr. Cataldo has been practicing for over 2 decades and delivers a warm family feel to Sono Gioventù.

"As a medical doctor, I’m able to consider the underlying causes for your concerns and use that to adjust treatments to meet your needs"
Revitalize and refresh yourself today! 
Sono Med Spa can help with sluggishness, anxiety, low sex drive, and sleep troubles. 
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Transform your body and mind at Sono Med Spa. Book now for glowing skin, a rejuvenated body, and a refreshed mind. Start your journey towards wellness today.
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